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Case Study: A High-Tech Startup Company


Project: Organizational culture definition, interdepartmental integration, cross-cultural team building


A high-tech startup company was developing web-based applications and services for the financial services industry. This venture required bringing together a highly diverse team of talent from two very different industries (financial services and information technology) and a wide range of company backgrounds, including a key contingent of software engineers from India.


Help the company develop and implement a positive organizational culture, improve interdepartmental integration, and facilitate cross-cultural communication.


CMCT’s Technology Practice worked one-on-one with the CEO to define his values and draft an organizational culture vision statement. Through questionnaires and interviews, the ideas of Management Team members and other key employees were elicited. A company-wide feedback process was deployed to create broad buy-in and ownership of the vision.

CMCT also carried out a number of diagnostics to surface incipient organizational issues and provided the CEO with a set of action recommendations. Finally, CMCT provided consultation, troubleshooting, facilitation and training sessions around the multicultural team building challenges of the company. 


This process helped the company move into its rapid growth phase with a more focused corporate culture, an integrated team, and positive approaches to the cultural diversity among its workforce.

Key Disciplines:

Organizational Development, Cross-Cultural Consulting, Cross-Cultural Training, Team Building.


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