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Cultural Competency

These blog entries and articles by Dr. Karine Schomer provide insights and useful tips for managers and professionals who need to develop cultural competency in order to work more effectively with counterparts, team members, employees and customers from many cultures. Browse, print, comment on and share with your colleagues and friends.

Globalization is today's buzzword, but the level of international awareness is surprisingly low among most managers and employees. There is poor communication of global vision from the top, cultural stereotyping, and cultural segregation among employees. Here's what can be done to increase awareness and commitment to a global vision.
Indian IT professionals often seem to become Americanized within months of landing in the US. But the “honeymoon” phase soon gets over, giving way to disorientation, loss of confidence and even alienation. How can this be overcome?
Employees from different countries respond differently to workplace incentives. Learning to understand these differences is a wise managerial strategy. This article discusses India-U.S. differences in five key areas: management style, job security and compensation, career development, performance evaluation, and motivational strategies.
Misunderstanding of the differences in business cultures and etiquettes around the world can derail business and professional goals. Being culturally savvy is an increasingly important global management skill. Here are some of the key elements of business culture and etiquette to which it pays to be attentive.