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Doing Business with India

These blog entries and articles by Dr. Karine Schomer provide insights and useful tips for managers, teams and professionals doing business with India or working with counterparts in India. Browse, print, comment on and share with your colleagues and friends.

On September 24, 2014, India became the first Asian nation to reach Mars. India's Mars Orbiter Mission successfully entered orbit around the Red Planet, two days after NASA's MAVEN orbiter. The Indian space venture had cost $74 million to NASA's $671 million. What made this possible? What strength of the Indian way of innovating and getting things done accounts for this technological feat on a shoestring?
Who has it easier when it comes to work-life balance: American professional women or their Indian counterparts? Many of the issues are common to women throughout the global corporate world, but the specifics in India and the U.S. differ due to policy, socio-economic and cultural differences.
When Indian and U.S. corporations work together or operate on each other’s soil, all levels of management need to understand differences in the workforce diversity challenges of the two countries. This article provides an overview of the main differences in workforce demographics, diversity categories, and legal frameworks between India and the U.S.
Five special challenges Indian offshore teams face in working with Americans at the level of mindset, values and approaches to interactions, and the need to seriously educate offshore teams in the fundamentals or American business culture.
A 2010 Working Mother Research Insitute and Diversity Best Practices report by Dr. Karine Schomer. Details the most effective initiatives, programs and policies multinational corporations in India can use to attract and develop women employees. Includes case studies from Deloitte, IBM, Infosys and Johnson Controls.
Understanding India’s holidays is important to avoid work schedule disruption and unnecessary stress, and as a tool for relationship building and motivating Indian teams. Learn how the Indian holiday system works and tips for navigating the Indian holidays.
Two insightful books to increase your cultural literacy about 21st-century India. Read Dr. Karine Schomer’s mini-reviews of In Spite of the Gods and Planet India.