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Karine Schomer's Speaking Topics

"Maintaining Your Leadership Compass in the Midst of Technological and Global Complexity"

  • The proper relationship between technology and human agency in our high-tech world
  • The importance of steady focus on essentials rather than distracted multi-tasking
  • Why the "flat" global world can't and shouldn't be thought of as homogenous
  • How cultivating human relationships is still (and always will be) the winning strategy for success and work satisfaction 

"Cultural Tips & People Skills for Succeeding in Silicon Valley"



"The Culture Edge: Engaging the Cultural Diversity of Your Global Workforce"



"Global Leadership: The Art of Communicating Across Cultures"



"Beyond Cultural Differences: Leading and Managing with a Global Mindset"


"Working with India: Cross-Cultural Challenges and Success Strategies"

  • Key India-U.S.A. differences in business culture, protocol and etiquette
  • India-U.S.A. management and work style differences and how they can impact results
  • How differences between American and Indian communication styles can create friction and misunderstandings
  • Best practices and strategies to bridge these cultural differences and create successful interactions 


 "American Business Culture: What Global and Offshore Teams Need to Know"

  • Key unspoken management, work style and communication norms Americans live by
  • Why global and offshore teams may be challenged by some of these American behaviors and cultural assumptions
  • How to help your global teams communicate effectively with American counterparts in a work or professional setting 
  • Strategies for helping your global teams adapt their work-related behaviors to work more smoothly with American counterparts 


"Cross-Cultural Competency as a Global Leadership Skill"


"Relationship Management as the Key to Outsourcing Success"


"Three Keys to Success in the U.S. Workplace: Communication Skills, Cultural Understanding, Career Management"   


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